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Daniel Philip

Hey Hey! Im Dan, Curiosity drives my every move. Asking questions always.
Let's make life a little more simple, To leave room for a lot more creativity shall we?

I grew up on a farm in Canada, in a small small town called Waterdown. I left home when I was 17 with a few crazy dreams.

Fashion is one of my creative outputs. It is my wish that my art not only will make you feel more confident in who you are but to give you a boost of creativity. A reminder that no matter who you are or where you come from.. Literally anything is possible. It's Time!

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Dreams to Reality

The Creation

The dp Brand was born! The dream of it's founder came to life. To create a brand for all creators. A brand that stands for more than a transaction but a gateway to creativity. A reminder that we all have one chance and the same 24 hours in the day. First Limited edition watch went to market.


100k + sold

In 2020 despite the global pandemic the dp team grew to a brand that sold over 100k orders of the dp original watch to customers in over 70 countries.
Partnering with influencers, marketers and creators from around the world.

All about fashion


Designer Daniel Philip flew to Bali to create a design studio and cafe called (The Factory - Bali) Where he designed and launched a new collection of watches including fashion. The Factory is a place for all creators to come and work in fashion and design with full transparency of production.


Growing in all Markets

As the dp Designer Brand continues to grow in it's popularity around the world the team continues to seek partnerships in shopping malls and retailers around the world.

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